Peace Potluck/Monthly Meetings in August, September

Carolina Peace holds a monthly Peace Potluck & Meeting, which serves as the coordinating meeting for Carolina Peace’s Columbia, SC area activities, at the historic Modjeska Simkins House located at 2025 Marion St.  The next two are scheduled for…

SUNDAY Aug 27th 6PM (Dinner) 6:30PM Business Meeting

SUNDAY Sept 24th 6:30PM (Dinner) 7PM Business Meeting





Bring a vegetarian dish and share food and conversation.  Then hear updates on Carolina Peace’s work and learn about volunteering opportunities.  Come early for dinner or just drop in for the business meeting.

RSVP Requested:  david [a]  or call/text 803-215-3263

Support the DREAM Act of 2017 & Oppose the RAISE Act

Help mobilize support for beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), otherwise known as Dreamers. Also, express your opposition to the RAISE Act, which reduces the number of legal residency and refugee visas the United States issues. No human being is illegal!

Hiroshima Day 2017 Remarks

Carolina Peace Resource Center President David Matos gave the following remarks at the 26th Annual Hiroshima Vigil sponsored by Carolina Peace and the Palmetto Friends Meeting (Quakers) on Sunday Aug 6th, 2017:






Today marks the seventy-second anniversary of the first use of the atomic bomb in war. The bombing of Hiroshima, Japan took place on Monday Aug 6th 1945 at precisely 8:15AM. From daylight the denizens of Hiroshima were plunged into darknesss: a flash, an explosion, an all consuming firestorm, and then black rain ensued. An estimated 70,000 were killed immediately. An equal number more died within a year due to burns, injuries and radiation poisoning. Three days later the devastation would be repeated in Nagasaki.

Why do we gather every year to remember Hiroshima?
It’s not because we are renewing the debate over whether the bombing was necessary or not, although we can have that discussion.
Sadly, it’s not because death and destruction on a massive scale is uncommon in human history.
We light the lantern of memory each year to honor the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only uses of nuclear weapons in war in human history, to remind ourselves why we must never allow nuclear weapons to be used in war again.

Scarred and discriminated against, the Hibakusha, the Japanese atomic bomb survivors, have traveled the world with one message: “Never let this happen again.” Now that their generation is all but gone, will we heed the charge?

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Commemoration of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Sun, Aug 6, Columbia, SC

Join us next Sunday August 6th in remembering #Hiroshima and renewing our commitment to work toward a more peaceful world where nuclear weapons will never be used again. Featuring music, poetry, dance, and children’s activities including making origami peace cranes. 2:30pm-4:30pm at Edventure’s Canal Room, 211 Gervais St. FREE.
Sponsored by Carolina Peace and the Columbia Friends Meeting (Quakers)
More details:

Fund Healthcare, Not Warfare






The health care reform bill currently being considered in the US Senate (misleadingly named the Better Care Reconciliation Act) represents a massive injustice, targeting the most vulnerable by slashing $772 billion in Medicaid funding over a decade to pay for tax cuts while pushing 22 million Americans off  medical insurance according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.  Meanwhile, the Trump administration is asking for a 10% increase in Pentagon spending, a whopping $540 billion in additional spending over a decade.  These are the wrong priorities for our nation.  We demand Congress fund Healthcare Not Warfare.   Many upcoming actions will be putting pressure on our Senators to do the right thing and oppose healthcare bills that gut Medicaid spending.  Read more…

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Nonviolence Summer School this June & July




Carolina Peace is offering a free Nonviolence Summer School starting Monday June 12th in Columbia, SC featuring:

  • Free classes on Monday evenings based on a curriculum developed by Colman  McCarthy, founder of the Center for Teaching Peace.  Through classical readings on nonviolence and small group discussion, participants will gain a deep understanding of nonviolent theory.  Classes will cover the following topics: Introduction to Nonviolence (June 12th), Gandhi (June 19th), Dorothy Day (June 26th), MLK (July 10th), Methods of Nonviolence (July 17th) Feminism (July 24th), Civil Disobedience & War (July 31st), Animals & Nonviolence (to be scheduled).  Click on the links above for readings and discussion questions for each class (strongly recommende but not required for participating in classes). Classes will be held from 6:30PM-8:30PM at the Modjeska Simkins House, 2025 Marion St. Columbia, SC.  Donations toward rental will be accepted.
  • Nonviolence Training on SATURDAY July 15th (Times & Location to be announced) featuring Clemson professor Todd May.  Free/Donations accepted.
  • Nonviolence Projects.  Individual or small group projects to practice nonviolence.

Interested?  More information & free registration, contact David




RESCHEDULED:Carolina Peace to host bystander intervention workshop WED April 12th

RESCHEDULED: We have rescheduled the Bystander Intervention training scheduled to Wednesday April 12th 7PM. We apologize for any inconvenience.

You see a driver yelling at an African-American person as they walk down the street; you witness a man harassing a woman with a hijab on public transit; you notice someone stopping a trans woman from going into a bathroom at a restaurant.

Learn how to intervene.

Carolina Peace Resource CenterShowing Up for Racial Justice Columbia and Columbia College Multicultural Affairs will conduct a bystander intervention workshop at 7 p.m. on April 5 at Columbia College in the Student Union Lounge. Continue reading “RESCHEDULED:Carolina Peace to host bystander intervention workshop WED April 12th”

Protect “DREAMERS” by signing your support for the BRIDGE Act

Dear South Carolina Friends,

As you may know, Congress is reviewing the BRIDGE Act introduced by Senator Graham and we are calling for our South Carolina Congressional Members to work across the aisle and with the new administration to see that we support our Dreamers. This legislation will protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program recipients. Continue reading “Protect “DREAMERS” by signing your support for the BRIDGE Act”