Recognize Palestine Rally in 5 Points, SAT Sept 17th

Recognize Palestine Rally

SAT Sept 17th, 12PM

5 Points Fountain

Columbia, SC (Harden and Saluda St)

Palestine, the 194th UN Member State? This rally is in support of a United Nations vote for recognition of the state of Palestine based on the 1967 borders and full state-membership to the UN on Sept 20th!

We call on the US government to support the recognition of Palestine and to not veto UN recognition of Palestine.  Our government should support democracy, not apartheid.

Sponsored by Carolina Peace Resource Center, Students for Statehood, and Students for Justice in Palestine-USC.


Move Over AIPAC: Time for a New Middle East Policy

Move Over AIPAC! Time for a New Middle East Policy

FRI May 20-TUES May 24th

Washington DC

Carolina Peace is organizing another group of South Carolinians to attend Move Over AIPAC, arranging transportation and lodging in DC. Some financial assistance may be available. Donors needed to provide financial assistance for folks to attend.


AIPAC (the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, the main pro-Israeli lobby) will convene its national convention in May. Code Pink: Women for Peace and a coalition of organizations are organizing a conference and creative protests in DC in response. See for more info.

The Carolina Peace Resource Center endorses Move Over AIPAC.


CONTACT mideastpeace.cprc@gmail AND/OR

RSVP on Facebook


SC to DC: Mideast Peace Weekend, March 5-7th

DC Mideast Peace Weekend

SAT March 5th-MON March 7th

Washington DC

Campus Organizing Conference for Students and Youth

SAT March 5th

Sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee, held in conjunction with…

3rd Annual Grassroots Advocacy Training and Lobbying Days

SUN March 6th –MON March 7th

Sponsored by the Interfaith Peacebuilders and the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

Featuring trainings, workshops, and speakers. Monday lobbying day on Capitol Hill.

The Carolina Peace Resource Center is organizing a group from South Carolina to travel to Washington DC to attend this weekend of trainings and lobbying on Monday. A limited amount of financial assistance in the form of scholarships is available. Please contact us ASAP if you:

  • Would like to attend.

  • Can donate towards a scholarship for someone to attend.

  • Cannot attend, but would like help by lobbying locally.

CONTACT David (803) 215-3263 or email

THURS Oct 22: “Gaza Steadfast” presentation at USC

 “Gaza Steadfast”  Multimedia Presentation

with photojournalist Skip Schiel

THURSDAY Oct 22nd, 7PM

University of South Carolina, Room to Be Announced

Sponsored by the International Law Society (USC Law School)

and the Carolina Peace Resource Center.

Check website or

Contact David 803-215-3263 (Aiken #) or for room #, more information.

“Hope or hopelessness, trapped or free, emigrating or remaining in Gaza, ignored or noticed by the world, Israel held accountable for possible war crimes (along with militant political elements in Gaza) or will the impunity continue?—these questions constitute the main themes of my new photographic presentation about Gaza. Based on my work photographing and teaching photography for one month in Gaza during the summer of 2009, my 4th trip to that sorely afflicted region, I portray how conditions have deteriorated. Hope for many has disappeared. People, especially those young or moderate, have no voice and often attempt to leave, only a few successfully. While others remain, like the steadfast—sumud is the Arabic word—Dr. Mona Al Farra and others I profile in my latest show.”  – Skip Schiel

More Info on Skip Schiel:

Mideast Peace

Working Group Meeting

WEDNESDAY Oct 28th, 7pm

Al-Amir Restaurant, 629 Main St.

Help us organize education events and action.

RSVP if possible/ contact if you cannott attend but want to be involved.


David Matos,

Mideast Peace Coordinator, Carolina Peace Resource Center,

803-215-3263 (Aiken #)

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American Jews Rethink Israel

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October 14, 2009


This year has seen a dramatic shift in American Jews’ attitudes toward Israel. In January many liberal Jews were shocked by the Gaza war, in which Israel used overwhelming force against a mostly defenseless civilian population unable to flee. Then came the rise to power of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, whose explicitly anti-Arab platform was at odds with an American Jewish electorate that had just voted 4 to 1 for a minority president. Throw in angry Israelis writing about the "rot in the Diaspora," and it’s little wonder young American Jews feel increasingly indifferent about a country that has been at the center of Jewish identity for four decades.

American Jews Rethink Israel

The Longest Day

After arriving in DC for IFPB orientation on Saturday, our group of twenty Americans prepared for our trip on Sunday with a few final workshops and briefings with staff.  Then, it was on to the Metro and final the airport for our connecting flight to DC.  After a a brief layover at Hartfield, we packed onto a 777 bound non-stop for Tel Aviv.  Departing at 10:35PM Sunday, we would arrive at 5pm the next day… 10 hour flight plus 7 hour time difference.  Cramped in a middle seat, I did not catch a wink of sleep despite efforts to wile away time with the touch screen monitor in front of me.   Upon entry, one of our delegation was held for questioning… after waiting for 3 hours en group, most of us left for the hour bus ride to Jerusalem, dinner and our hotel.  By 2am, the rest of our delegation had arrived, including two Jewish-Americans who had stayed the airport in support of our detained compatriot.

The National Campaign Against The Israeli Closures in Hebron Old City

{Courtesy Posting for non-CPRC Organization}
Hebron or "Al-Khalil” in Arabic, the second oldest city in Palestine, with almost 170,000 Palestinians, aging back to 5,500 years old, is adapting the spiritual shrine of the Ibraheemi Mosque, where Prophet Abraham and his wife Sara lie entombed.
Since 1967, Hebron has been occupied by Israel . During the years, Israeli Jews have settled in the heart of Hebron and near its Old City, [which has] resulted in many problems and made Hebron a special case in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

{Courtesy Posting for non-CPRC Organization}
Hebron or "Al-Khalil” in Arabic, the second oldest city in Palestine, with almost 170,000 Palestinians, aging back to 5,500 years old, is adapting the spiritual shrine of the Ibraheemi Mosque, where Prophet Abraham and his wife Sara lie entombed.
Since 1967, Hebron has been occupied by Israel . During the years, Israeli Jews have settled in the heart of Hebron and near its Old City, [which has] resulted in many problems and made Hebron a special case in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Hebron has been divided into two parts – H1 and H2 – according to the Hebron Protocol signed between Palestinians and Israelis in 1997.
The reality of having Israeli settlements in the center of Hebron city, within Palestinian residential areas, creates high level of tension among Palestinian citizens who live under very severe circumstances. Citizens of H2 area in Hebron are suffering… aggressive actions from both Israeli authorities and settlers.
The Israeli authorities impose, through [Israel’s] military forces, very strict measurements on Palestinians in H2 area including denying access to many areas and depriving Palestinians the right to pass through them, in an attempt to isolate the area and separate it from other parts of Hebron, aiming at colonizing the old part of the city and enlarge the Israeli enclave in side it.
Twenty-one military decrees have been issued by the Israeli government, preventing Palestinians to enter certain areas in the Old City of Hebron either walking or driving.
Hebron Governor, Hebron Municipality [and] Members of PLC were among seventy one Palestinian officials and other NGO’s representatives when they gathered in a joint meeting upon a call from Hebron Rehabilitation Committee on the 17th of September and decided to hold a solidarity week under the name of "The National Campaign Against Israeli Closures in Hebron Old City" starting the 2nd of November2008, in order to raise up a yell of rejection against what is going on in Hebron.
This week will be full of activities, which will include mainly:
·        Fixing a Net next to the old city of Hebron to be used as a Head Quarter of the campaign.
        * Solidarity visits to the net and to the old city of Hebron by high level Palestinian officials.
        * Solidarity visits by diplomats and representatives of Arab and foreign countries.
        * Visits of international solidarity movements, EU Parliament members, Arab and Israeli Kinisit members, Israeli peace movements, Palestinian universities and schools’ students and others….
        * Preparing protest petition to be signed by a target of 100,000 persons.
        * Raising flags on roofs of buildings throughout the city of Hebron to express their rejection of the continued closure.
        * Raising banners and pictures, posters and work shirts and hats in Hebron .
        * Organizing a series of cultural events in the Old City for all ages.
        * Regulating intensive media campaign to cover these events.
We call upon you to participate in this campaign by being part of any of the mentioned activities. Your participation might make a change.
The National Campaign Against The Israeli Closures in Hebron Old City
* Please forward  this mail  to your mail list
الموضوع: " المشاركة في الحملة الوطنية لرفع الاغلاقات عن قلب الخليل ".
تحية وبعد ،،،
تستمر معاناة سكان البلدة القديمة في الخليل و محيطها جراء الاغلاقات الإسرائيلية المتواصلة، و التي قسمتها وقطعت أوصالها و أثرت في الحياة اليومية، و قللت حركة الوافدين إليها والى الأماكن الدينية المقدسة فيها.
ولم تجدي الالتماسات لدى المحكمة العليا الإسرائيلية برفع هذا الإغلاق الظالم، ولم تخف وطأته رغم المطالبة المستمرة من الجانب الفلسطيني في للقاءات الرسمية مع الجانب الإسرائيلي برفع الإغلاق.
تداعت مؤسسات الخليل وشخصياتها لاجتماع لبحث استمرار الاغلاقات وسبل العمل على رفعه وقررت إطلاق حمله شعبية للتعبير عن رفض الإغلاق تحت عنوان:
"الحملة الوطنية لرفع الاغلاقات عن قلب الخليل"
 تم وضع خطة عمل تشمل القيام بمجموعه فعاليات جماهيرية على مدى أسبوع كامل، تظهر رفض استمرار إغلاق قلب الخليل بأوسع مشاركة جماهيرية ممكنة، سيتم تنفيذها في مطلع شهر تشرين ثاني القادم وتشمل:
1.      التوقيع على عريضة تطالب برفع الإغلاق عن قلب الخليل .
2.          تنظيم زيارات تضامنية رسمية وشعبية من كافة أنحاء العالم إلى مدينة الخليل، للتعبير عن رفض الإغلاق .
4.      تنظيم زيارات لمسئولي السلطة الوطنية الفلسطينية على كافة المستويات إلى الخليل للتعبير عن رفض الإغلاق .
5.     تنظيم رفع رايات على أسطح المباني في كافة أنحاء المدينة للتعبير عن رفض استمرار الإغلاق.
6.  تنظيم إرسال رسائل من جميع أنحاء العالم لأطراف الرباعية الدولية، مجلس حقوق الإنسان، والجهات الإسرائيلية المعنية مطالبة برفع الإغلاق.
7.  تنظيم مجموعة من الفعاليات الثقافية في البلدة القديمة لكافة الفئات العمرية مع التركيز على الأطفال للتعبير عن رفض استمرار الإغلاق.
8.     تنظيم رفع يافطات و صور، و عمل ملصقات و قبعات و قمصان في الخليل تعبر عن رفض الإغلاق.
9.     القيام بحملة إعلامية مكثفة لتغطية هذه الفعاليات.
 ­تتشرف المؤسسات الشريكة في الحملة الوطنية لرفع الاغلاقات عن قلب مدينة الخليل بدعوتكم لزيارة مدينة الخليل والمشاركة فيما ترونة مناسبا من فعاليات الحملة، وذلك في الأسبوع الأول من شهر تشرين ثاني القادم  (من 2- 9/11/2008) حسب ما يتوافق مع مواعيدكم
 *الرجاء إعادة إرسالها للعناوين الالكترونية المتوفرة لديك 
Thank you for you continued support,

Iyad Burnat- Head of Popular Commitee in Bilin
Head of Friends of Freedom and Justice in Bilin

Mobile- (00972) (0) 547847942
Office- (00972) (2) 2489129
Fax-(00972) (2) 2489129

Water Injustice in Palestine–L.A. Government Partners with Israeli Company

drink100.jpg A Los Angeles municipality will enter into joint research and development with Mekorot, a government owned corporation that is the national supplier for Israel. The Stop the Wall campaign has called for a boycott of this project, which legitimizes Israeli water practices at the expense of Palestinian communities across historic Palestine. Boycott Fact Sheet